## What relevance does Islamic teaching schools or Madrasa hold? ##

##  What relevance does Islamic teaching schools or Madrasa hold? ##
Over the centuries, the significance of Madrasa has been well recognized by most of the Islamic systems of governance. The organizers and performers of these institutions have been some highly revered and respected persons in societies. While some rose to gain great fame and name, some have been great interpreters of Islamic texts and sayings of Prophet Mohammad.
In Sunni School of Islamic Jurisprudence, four Imams (leaders), Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Shafi, Imam Maliki and Imam Hanbli are the leading lights on Islamic fiqah (law). Some Islamic countries are entirely governed by one or the other Imam and the interpretation provided by him.
The core principle of establishing Madrasa has been to introduce young minds to the teachings of Islam and basic fundamentals of this religion. The apprehension of becoming oblivious to Islam with getting involved in mundane affairs of life seems to have nodded the concerned to find methods to keep the awareness and duties of Islam alive and Madrassah was the chief method in this regard.
Over a period of time this specific objective appears to have been obliterated. The Madaris are appearing to be performing new and unique roles which goes over and above their basic roles. There have been instances where they have deviated from their basic role, causing disenchantment among their own cadres. The return of some young men and women from battlefield in some parts of Syria provides an illustration to the point.
Some of the present age so called Mujahedeen are dream sellers. They target innocent and gullible minds and sell their dreams without properly contextualizing them of Heaven where Houris (beautiful, young women who will accompany faithful believers in Paradise) are at the service of the dutiful, like Mujahedeen in the field. Their goal, per se, appears to build a confederation of likeminded groups with the objective of restructuring Caliphate through the method of Jihad. They stress on their main instrument of Jihad although, there are nine or ten kinds of Jihad and military is the last one.
In fact, these groups fly backwards in time and space. There is a great need to conduct deep research in cognitive models to comprehend as to how the modern day Mujahid leaders or their trainers change the mindsets and make the young recruits to jump in the fire. The interrogation of some deadly terrorists who were caught during their operations reveal how they were put in dark rooms or cells in isolation without any connection with anybody.
Obviously, it may be part of their cognitive manipulation to enable them to fly in the dream land where they are supposed to land after their action.
The availability of small arms has been a constant concern of countries, peace organizations and the United Nations. The availability of nuclear weapons and other nuclear technology has ruled out wars at least for the present. The services of mercenaries and foot soldiers are sought and even utilized in settling military objectives. Recently, the President of Turkey said in a press conference that he would use mercenaries in dealing with Libya.
Madaris abound not only in Muslim countries but equally in secular and multi-cultural societies. A general survey of these Madaris, reveal that all of them are not committed to the cause of Jihad or constituting a Caliphate. They are genuinely engaged in cultivating young minds towards good human qualities, serving the humanity and making the world a peaceful abode. However, some such schools are tied to proper Islamic Organizations with the political objectives. These organizations aim at taking the charge of governance and completely have an Islamic system in every sphere of life.
There are other Madaris or schools which apart from providing Islamic teachings also give their students in military training to their students, which ultimately become cadres in fighting. This has emerged as the new challenge. Taliban appears to have been built on these cadres. After the disintegration of Soviet Union, the US made special efforts to de-radicalize Taliban and Afghan Mujahedeen who had fought Soviets. The US and Saudi Arabia have provided huge financial assistance in Afghan Jihad, and Pakistan has provided teaching and military training to these cadres. Millions of dollars has been spent on printing the guides and primers to indoctrinate young Mujahedeen. It became an amusing news for the US media as to how to bring about changes in this literature. However, as events reveal, Taliban continues to call the shots.
Zahid Arab

Zahid Arab

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